Sue Bradford: Job Destroyer

University of Canterbury economist Eric Crampton has posted this interesting analysis on his blogsite.

It investigated the impact on youth employment of former Green MP Sue Bradford’s successful push to eliminate the previous youth minimum wage. This was set at a lower rate than the adult minimum wage because in general young workers are less skilled, experienced and productive.

Dr Crampton calculates that Sue Bradford’s initiative has cost young people somewhere between 8,500 and 12,000 jobs.

What a great legacy for a self-proclaimed – but economically illiterate – crusader for social justice.

3 thoughts on “Sue Bradford: Job Destroyer

  1. If the youth minimum wage has destroyed 12,000 jobs –
    how many jobs does the adult minimum wage destroy?

    And – even more importantly – how many jobs do the Dole, and DPB destroy?

    (Not to mention the Codger-dole, or “Hellth” or “Edjukation”)

  2. The numbers I put up are a very first-cut analysis – a lot more work would be needed to pin things down more precisely. But as there’s zero chance that any evidence at all would have National change course on this one, it’s not worth the effort given opportunity costs.

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