Friday graph: FDI

This chart on foreign investment taken from last week’s 2025 Taskforce report (page 10) is instructive.

According to the OECD, New Zealand now has one of the most restrictive FDI policies.

On this chart, only China, Iceland, Russia and Mexico are less open.

Moreover, most countries have liberalised FDI policies in recent years whereas New Zealand has gone in the opposite direction.

As the Taskforce notes in an understatement, “To close the income gap with Australia, New Zealand must create a stronger presumption for acceptance of foreign investment, subject to the same regulatory provisions as domestic investors.”

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One thought on “Friday graph: FDI

  1. The section on FDI is sombre reading, I did not realise that the restrictions in New Zealand were so draconian. Things like this make me wonder how on earth we stay at the top of Fraser’s and Heritage’s rankings. I challenged Mike Walker about that once and he got quite defensive.

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