Pathways to prosperity for indigenous people

The Business Roundtable was very fortunate to have Aboriginal leader and founder of the Cape York Institute Noel Pearson deliver the 2010 Sir Ronald Trotter Lecture Pathways to Prosperity for Indigenous People last Tuesday, 2 November.

Noel was an outstanding speaker and impressed the large audience with the scope of his talk – he covered a wide variety of policy issues including education, welfare, employment and other indigenous issues – and it was obvious he is a deep philosophical and economic thinker. I was particularly interested in how Noel drew on the work and principles of Adam Smith, and the impact that thinking has had on the inspiring work the Cape York Institute does for impoverished aboriginal communities.

The Business Roundtable was grateful to Tainui Group CEO Mike Pohio for a vote of thanks that reflected the audience’s appreciation for an exceptional speech.

The whole lecture, including Business Roundtable chairman Roger Partridge’s welcome and my introduction is on vimeo, or there are clips edited to just Noel’s talk below:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

1 thought on “Pathways to prosperity for indigenous people

  1. his appeal to tradition is disappointing. his defense of self-interest seems to be based on utilitarian as opposed to moral grounds.

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